Heart of Texas One Stop Shop Hop

Heart of  Texas

One Stop Shop Hop

Feb 27 & 28, 2015

Chisholm Hall

Waco Convention Center

Waco, Texas

HOT One Stop Shop Hop

September 25, 2013

Many shops are planning to bring buses to the One Stop Shop Hop.  Ask your local shop if they have one in the making.  Leave the driving to someone else while you visit with your friends!  Fun! Fun! Fun! January 31 & February 1 ~ would love to see you at the Hop!

Come join the newest way do take part in a shop hop without spending all your shopping money on gas and save hours in driving time! This plans to be a fun filled event.

Looking forward to this!

We have a bus of "50" hoppers coming.
Maybe there should be additional buses. What a fun trip!

Dear Sirs,
I would like attend your Shop Hop Trade Show, is it still have a chance to rent a space as a vendor?
Promota Dress & Gift

So wish we could participate this year! Maybe next! Sounds like a fun time!

Is there space available/ What is the cost?
Please let me know I just found out about it. Thanks Bebe

It's almost here! I am excited!

Can tickets be purchased at the door?

What a dissapointment this event has been! Came shortly after lunch the first day. Vendors were out of their block patterns or didnt have an block example displayed or insisted on a purchase to receive one! Most participants seemed confused about their role in the hop. Additionally there was no chocolate fountain or wine bar. Those disappeared after lunch, although nothing was said about time limitations in the advertising. Many shops stock was very scanty, hardly equivalent to a real hop.

Had a great day at the shop hop today! I am so glad that the turn out was so great that the vendors ran out of shop hop block patterns, but I had a vendor tell me to post on here and that they could be emailed. Is that correct? Thanks again for a great day had by all in our group!

My dear friend Sharon invited me to share the day with her at the Shop Hop (I'm from Austin), and we had a BLAST! The vendors went all out to stock their booths with phenomenal varieties of fabric, patterns, and tools. The turnout was amazing, so no wonder vendors ran out of block patterns. We were there from 10a to 2p the first day, and the baked potato bar and wine bar were still open when we left. What was not to like?!? Sharon and I both vowed to attend next year. Kudos to the organizers and vendors!

Could you supply me with the name
and contact number to one of your vendors, she made several templates of plastic, you joined her club and rec'd another each month. (she also had a book to go with this) please email me info if you can, Thanks

What a great time we had! I heard so many positive comments. It seems everyone liked the idea of going to one centeral location. The staff at Tomorrows did a great job. I can't wait till next year!

Above the photo, there is a "t" missing in Hear(t) of Texas :)

Hello! I ran into your website utterly by mistake, and am actually glad I did! This is extremely interesting, and I can tell you have spent some time studying this. Thanks!

Hello! I really enjoyed the shop hop last year, and plan to attend again next year!
I do have two comments for improvement I want to share.
1) I live locally and do not need to take a "bus" to get to the hop. Is there a way I can pre-order my tickets for 2014 to skip the wait (and get a tote bag?)
2) Also, I was very disappointed that most vendors required me to purchase something to receive the patterns, but then not all vendors had patterns. There was no easy way to determine which vendors had patterns and which didn't because they had them hidden. I had understood from the information about the hop that the patterns were free - not that I had to make a purchase to get one. Plus, the patterns weren't worth a purchase - they were cheaply photocopied on xerox paper and were blocks that were old and have been around for years.
I'm glad to see that you are continuing the hop, and I look forward to continued improvements!

We are sorry the patterns ran out. It was our first year and we were working out the bumps and bruises. Ouch! The totes are for shops to help fill their buses. I guess we should have kept this a secret for only the shops to share. We will have bags for sell next year at a very low price. Locally I had a guild interested in buying tickets in advance. If they had been willing to purchase 20 tickets from the local shop, they would have received 20 totes.
Thanks for your comments and we will be working to make this the best hop next year.

I am so excited about being at Heart of Texas this year. Cannot wait to see everyone.

Linda, I can't wait for the new year and a new improved shop hop. I had a great time last year and am looking forward to what you have in store for us in 2014.

We are gearing up for the shop hop and kits are being made for the big event. We can't wait to see so many friends again.

Is this strictly a shopping excursion? Is there a quilt show associated with this?

I was told last year that there were not any mobility carts available. Therefore,I was not able to participate. Have you arranged to have some of these available this year? This is very important to those of us who have mobility issues.

Dr Locke will have his Last Supper quilt and 5 quilts from his collection. The vendors will have quilts in their booth.

So glad I read the reviews. I thought it was a big quilt show .I would of been very disappointed to drive all the way and not see a lot of quilts

Yes it is a shop hop and not a quilt show, hence the name Shop Hop and not Quilt Show.

Any bus coming from Virginia??!

Wish I could be there, Linda, and I hope this year's One Stop Shop Hop is a great success!

Still quilting here!


nice idea, Congratulation.. Gbu

Wow ,Nice Idea to Sell Product from bus and enjoyed travelling in many town

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